About Lunar Missions Club

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Whether you are looking to be kept regularly updated on the progress of Lunar Mission One, or whether you want to influence the future of Lunar Mission One, the Lunar Missions Club is your key to being part of this historic mission.

Already 5,000 strong, the Lunar Missions Club is a community which, over the next ten years, will help guide this mission to success. Members of the Lunar Missions Club are kept up to date with the latest mission developments, receiving exclusive newsletters and updates from the Lunar Mission One team.

Via the project’s collaborative ideas platform; the Lunar Missions Labs, you will also able to have your say on some of the project’s key decisions, such as the organisation and management of the public archive, aspects of the lunar landing module design and the roll out of the worldwide public engagement programme.

Working with each other and with the project’s management, contributors to the Lunar Missions Labs are invited to really get stuck into the finer details of the project. We want contributors to become an active part of the team and develop solutions to project questions in the form of theories, studies, designs or even prototypes. Members can also link Lunar Mission One to their own projects, for the benefit of both.

Club membership initially entitles individuals to exclusive content such as:
- A monthly newsletter
- Blogs/vlogs (from a team member or expert guest)
- Podcasts
- AMAs (‘Ask Me Anything’) with a leading Lunar Mission One figure
- Interviews with project scientists
- Surveys (to obtain feedback or assess demand for other offers)

However, as the Club grows and we get more feedback from members, we will be adding more and more content.

You can join with annual membership or become a member for the life of the project. So if you’re not already signed up, come and join the Lunar Missions Club community and take a place in the project’s driving seat.

You can sign up to the Lunar Missions Club here.

If there are people you know who share your interests and you think would want to collaborate with you, or who would otherwise want to get involved in the Lunar Missions Labs, do recommend they join the Club too.