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July 03, 2015

An interview with Dan Tani

As promised at our recent "Lunar Missions Live" event, here's the full interview with former NASA astronaut Dan Tani, who's helping shape Lunar Mission One on our International Advisory Board. Read more >
June 29, 2015

Lunar Missions Club Newsletter June 2015

Dear Club Members, Our project is making its second big transition, from its preparatory phase into the Setup Stage. As you can imagine, this has had the team working hard: finalizing strategies, formalizing teams, building strategic relationships and getting ready for an upcoming re-launch. For those who are members of the online community, either on the Forum or on Social Media, you will know that I have been particularly busy – I recently came back from Vienna where I was presenting Lunar… Read more >
June 25, 2015

Lunar Mission One and the Young Scientists

Christina Astin, science education consultant, discusses Lunar Mission One's potential to inspire young people to take up science... Teaching astronomy is a doddle. There’s an intrinsic WOW! factor. The pupils are excited, the pictures of the cosmos are beautiful and now we have some amazing practical astronomy opportunities which don’t require a clear night and a telescope. OK, so trying to teach the difference between solar and sidereal time is not too straightforward. Right ascension and… Read more >
June 24, 2015

Club Update: Lunar Mission One Presented to UN Committee

Hello, As many of you will know, I was recently in Vienna presenting Lunar Mission One to the UN’s Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). I thought I’d give you an update on what I was doing there. Shortly before our Kickstarter campaign started, I met Simonetta Di Pippo, the Director of the UN’s Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) who suggested an LM1 presentation to COPUOS. Her predecessor Mazlan Othman is on our International Advisory Board and agreed it would fit in… Read more >
May 06, 2015

Lunar Missions Club Newsletter May 2015

Lunar Missions Club Newsletter from David Iron Dear Club Members, Seven years after the idea for Lunar Mission One was first proposed, here we stand, our initial phase fully funded, and looking to launch the Set Up Stage that will lay down the foundations of our project. Over the past few months I have been overwhelmed by the support from you, our founding backers. We always knew that we wanted this mission to be unique, not only in its scientific ambitions, but in its inclusivity. Crowdfunding… Read more >
May 01, 2015

The Power of Collective Intelligence

‘The Power of Collective Intelligence’ – Dr Lewis Pinault. Dr Lewis Pinault, the man behind the Lunar Missions Labs, talks collective intelligence, collaboration and how, when it comes to innovation, ‘we are smarter than me’. Just as Lunar Mission One marks a change in how we fund the exploration of outer space – Lunar Missions Labs is set to transform the way space exploration itself is undertaken. Lunar Missions Labs crowdsources ideas, not just funds. With Labs we invite the world to help us… Read more >
April 30, 2015

The Lunar Missions Club Interview - Dan Tani

The Lunar Missions Club Interview with NASA Astronaut, Dan Tani. Dan Tani is a former NASA astronaut who conducted the 1,000th spacewalk on the International Space Station. Dan, who joined Lunar Mission One’s International Advisory Board at the end of 2014, has had an amazing career, spending nearly 132 days in space. We recently caught up with him to ask him about his time with NASA, what it’s like to be in space and his opinions on the future of space exploration. Read more >
April 30, 2015

Science update podcast

Professor Ian Crawford gives an update of what the Lunar Mission One Science Team have been up to since their first official meeting, plus he tells Angela Lamont how he got involved with Lunar Mission One in the first place... Read more >
April 30, 2015

Giant Impact podcast

Professor Ian Crawford, of the Lunar Mission One science team, chats with Angela Lamont about the Giant Impact Hypothesis of the birth of the moon...and how our understanding of it has changed recently. Read more >